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Air Underwriting

Why we’re different

Professional Indemnity rated differently 

Unique market logic for the rating of Professional Indemnity. We rate the Professional Indemnity for the vast majority of the trades (excluding Design & Construct) on the number of people within your client’s business who give advice (Fee Earners). This makes us very competitive and means that your client could save on premium without sacrificing cover.

Competitive online quote engine

Competitive, tailored, quick & easy! Our quote engine includes over 500 trades and has the option of combining Professional Indemnity & Liability. Quote and buy within minutes.

Great rates on Contractors All Risks

Our online quote facility for Contractors All Risks can deliver highly competitive quotes in minutes. High risk and larger contractors can be quoted offline.

Per capita liability with a flexible approach

Our system allows you to quote and bind risks for up to 10 manual employees. The system will also quote for risks with payments to labour only sub-contractors and bona-fide sub-contractors. We’re happy to look at system rates and risk criteria and we can negotiate with our underwriters further where necessary.

High levels of bona-fide sub-contractors can be considered

Most online systems will decline a risk if the payments to bona-fide sub-contractors exceeds a certain percentage of the overall turnover- typically 25%. Our system is more flexible and will cater for higher levels of bona-fide sub-contractors .

Knowledgeable staff

50+ years of combined industry experience together with friendly and efficient staff has allowed Air Underwriting to grow and to be successful. The ambition of the team and wanting to succeed means we recognise that broker relationships and supporting you in winning and retaining business is key to our mutual business development.

Flexible Account Size

We do not ask for minimum levels of support before granting an agency. We understand the broker market and that you will probably have a number of insurer relationships to manage. All that we would say is that support works both ways and that we can look at enhanced commission levels for supporting brokers. There is however no segmented approach to service and we treat each risk with the same level of importance.

Access to a number of markets if the risk does not fit

Our online platform can cater for a multitude of trades, but there will inevitably be some risks that fall outside of the underwriting criteria for acceptance online. This could be for a number of reasons – complexity of the trade, sectors worked in, total contract values or large overseas exposure for instance. In these circumstances it may be more appropriate to look at the risk on a traditional basis via a proposal form.

Excellent commission levels

Unlike other wholesale options, we like to think our online offering gives you a fairer deal. With commission levels starting at 17.5% and offline terms being negotiable, we’re hopeful that our flexible and fair approach works for all concerned.

Scheme set up

We’re always open to working with brokers in establishing new exclusive facilities. Whether it be Professional Indemnity or General Liability ,we’re happy to explore the possibility of scheme business. With Lloyd’s coverholder status, in house scheme experience and the right contacts, we’re feel we could have the solution to your scheme requirements.

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