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Flexible solutions

We have developed the system so that it can be flexible and still quote for a number of risks that at first may refer.
A referral does not mean that we cannot write the risk online however, we may need to understand more about your clients business activities to ensure that the cover provided is relevant and caters for all of your client’s business activities.

As well as our online offering, we can also offer a traditional wholesale approach for certain risks that require manually underwriting.

Efficient service

In an increasingly competitive industry, we all stand or fall by the quality of the service that we provide. We treat all of our broker panel with the same level of service and do not differentiate depending on the amount of business that you place with us.

• If a risk is proposed to us via our online system then a quotation will be sent to you immediately, just as long as it does not trigger a referral.
• If a risk refers due to some of the information declared to us, then we will get back to you with any additional information that we require to write the risk immediately.
• If a risk sits outside of our scheme underwriting criteria, then we will market the risk to our other offline providers and would normally expect our insurer panel to quote within 48 hours.
• Policy documentation will be issued immediately for risks that are bound via our online system.
• Policy documentation will normally be issued within 48 hours for risks provided by our other panel insurers.

More than a post box

Our helpful and knowledgeable staff have over 20 years of broking and underwriting experience and can help you to ensure that all of the relevant information has been passed to us before submitting.


For business transacted through our online portal we pay a minimum of 17.5%. Offline case commission is negotiable.

Claims service

As an Underwriting agency we rely on our capacity providers to provide an effective claims service be this through a direct solution or the use of Third Party Administrators to handle claims. The details of the way the claims are handled through our scheme depends on the cover as highlighted below:

Professional Indemnity Claims.

The Argo Syndicate has appointed the following Third Party Claims Administrators to handle professional indemnity claims on our scheme:
DWF Fishburns
60 Fenchurch Street

What to expect from DWF Fishburns

• Acknowledgement of claim within 24 hours complete with details of the office and Claims Adjuster assigned at DWF Fishburns to handle the claim
• Unless urgent all correspondence and updates will be responded to within 5 working days.
• The originating broker will be advised within 24 hours of any notifications of claims and also of any significant developments
• Declinatures will be discussed in advance with originating broker prior to being communicated to the insured.

Liability Claims

Aviva Insurance Limited has it’s own claims department and does not use Third Party Administrators. If they need to appoint a loss adjuster it would be from their approved panel.

Contract Works and Contractor’s Plant and Equipment

W/R/B Underwriting has it’s own claims department and does not use Third Party Administrators. If they need to appoint a loss adjuster it would be from their approved panel and would either be Davies Loss Adjusters or Cunningham Lindsay.

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