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Broker Satisfaction Survey


As a much valued client we appreciate you have taken a moment to complete our online broker satisfaction survey which gives us an indication on how we are performing and where we might improve our services to you.

Once you complete this survey you will automatically be entered into a quarterly draw to win £50 worth of high street shopping vouchers.

Please note that all questions are required to be answered.

Broker Satisfaction Survey

    On a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent), how would you rate:

    1. Your overall satisfaction of service you receive from Air Underwriting? *

    2. The ease of access to Air Underwriting's staff to deal with your query?*

    3. The helpfulness/support of our staff *

    4. The speed of our response to your enquiries/problems *

    5. The way we handle your claims *

    6. The clarity of our advice *

    7. The information provided in our documentation. *

    9. Would you recommend Air Underwriting to others? *

    11. Do we have your permission to publish your comments? *

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