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An Important Reminder

Please remember to check companies house when quoting a customer.

A limited company is a type of business structure whereby a company is considered a legally distinct body. As such, the name displayed on the policy documents must be accurate.

An example could be, “Air Underwriting Ltd” vs “Air Underwriting Limited”. Although the change seems minor, there could potentially be a company each with one of these names.

Not only is “Ltd” mistaken for “Limited” but often the word “and” and the symbol “&” are used in place of each other. We recently had an enquiry for a limited company which contained the words “trading as” within the legal title and instinct was that an individual cannot “trade as” a limited company. After a quick search on companies house it transpired the customer in question had named their limited company this. Further highlighting the importance of checking with companies house to ensure you have the right title.

Failing to provide the correct trading name may result in issues when it comes to claims being allocated and paid.

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